A bit about me...

Hello. I am a Health Education student at University of South Alabama. My goal is to make health more interesting and relatble to the student. To know the lessons and techniques I discuss in class can actually be performed in their everyday routine. Preparing the students through knowing and understanding how healthy living is essential to their well being.

In my estimation, Health trumps all other subjects school board's set when outlining the curriculum. If you are not eating well, exercising, and using proper hygiene techniques, then how are you supposed to think-like critical thinkers, to perform intergration math in calculus or even operate a bunsen burner begining a science experiment.

Most students need the feeling of knowing, "hey this is information I can use today or tomorrow", that will be benefical to my overall well-being no matter my age or stage-professionally I may currently be in.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogs Technology

Blogs are really a good technology tool for connecting and networking with others. I sometimes think of blogs as either personal or professional diaries out for people to view and respond to.
I think all teachers and students should have at least a working professional blog.

*Blogs are free and can be to set to be private or public viewing.

*Blogs can definitely be used as a very resourceful tool for helping students and teachers stay connected and interested in learning.

I would encourage my students to also write thier comments on
Did You Know? 3.0
Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity


This type of technology is growing fast and is increasing its popularity among educators and students.

On iTunesU there are hundreds of sections offering information ranging from, how a teacher can implement ipods in the classrooms to how a volcano works and where some of the active volcano's are located.

*Downloading the iTunes software is free.

*iTunesU offers podcast such as Smartboard Lessons, KidCast and the usage of podcast/videocast the classroom

Podcast/Videocast is another outlet that mostly is a free service that offers another way of gaining information and being creative with your own podcast/videocast.


Google Tools

I am a new comer to using Google.Thanks of course, to EDM 310 Microcomputing Systems class for bringing Google to me firsthand.

Besides Google being one of the major search engine tools used world wide, it also offers:

*Word document and Google reader(allows to be connected to varying topics of other people's blogs you are following)

*You can also set up an email account-otherwise known as gmail.

For students and teachers, I think Google can be very resourceful in and out of the classroom.

Let's Find Out !!

I would like to use this section to utilize informative, yet also interesting tips or notes about Health Education. I would like for my future students to be able to gain all the knowledge they possibly can, especially information that they will always be able to use and relate too.

Health Education
is a very broad and well rounded subject area that involves:
* Drug Prevention
* Weight Management
* Safety Education
* Disease Prevention
* Hygiene Management

For example...

Vitamin A
* is an essential human nutrient

Vitamin K
* helps in the forming of blood clots
* also helps in bone health

* a physiological feeling(the body actually needs food, can fell pain)

Appetite is
* is psychological feeling ( a desire you have)

Weekly or twice a week, I think will be beneficial to the students for me to post interesting tips to know for long term knowledge.